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7 Mental Health Advocates In Nigeria To Follow On Instagram

Mental illness is as serious as physical illness. Health they say is wealth. And if a person is mentally ill there’s no way that person can function in the society. With the emergence of internet and social media, many more stories about mental illness are beginning to surface and the need to find solutions to those suffering from mental illness is becoming more pressing as well as the need to eliminate the stigma and myth surrounding mental illness in Nigeria. There is now a need to create mental health awareness as well as provide support for affected persons and their caregivers in Nigeria. Check out some of the mental health advocates making a lot of waves on Instagram…


Mentally Aware Nigeria Initiative @mentallyawareng

Mentally Aware Nigeria Initiative (MANI) was founded June 2016 by Victor Ugo, who is a medical Doctor, with the aim of taking a stand to end the stigma attached to mental illnesses in Nigeria. Mentally Aware Nigeria Initiative achieves this by developing and supporting the advocacy of mental health in Nigeria, increase awareness of mental health issues (through social media, grassroots sensitization in rural communities, workshops, seminars, partner events), provide information and resources regarding mental health and mental illness.



Neem Foundation @NeemSanctuary

Ever wonder what happens to those affected by the insurgencies in Nigeria? Neem Foundation was founded as a direct response to the problem of insecurity in Nigeria with more focus on North east of Nigeria. The foundation provides Counselling and Psychotherapy, Yoga and Meditation, Aqua Fitness and Therapy, Workshops and Trainings.



SaneMind @SaneMindng

SaneMind provides professional mental health service in Nigeria as well as promotes mental wellness across all ages. SaneMind also attempts to correct misconceptions about mental health, provide support and motivation to sufferers as well as to their caregivers. If you are looking for mental health professionals and services close to you, you can reach out to SaneMind to help connect you with verified professionals.



Across All Initiative @aainitiative

Across All Initiative, founded by Seun Dosunmu who is a staunch mental health advocate with keen interest in persons living with disabilities, focuses on improving mental health with the inclusion of persons with disabilities in Nigeria. Remarkable initiatives such as #AllLivesMatterNGR; #HangoutwiththeProfessionals and Work and Emotional Balance Conference was pioneered by Across All Initiative.



SheWritesWoman @shewriteswoman

SheWritesWoman, founded by Hauwa Ojeifo, addresses mental illness in women.  SWW aims to provide hope and support to women living with mental disorders.



The Unseen Language @Theunseenlanguage

The Unseen Language, an artistic platform, raises awareness about mental health and mental health illnesses in Nigeria through art.


Vivian Ikem @vivian_ikem

In 2012, Vivian experienced an episode of depression and learnt what it means to be lifeless. After full recovery, she decided to enlighten people on depression and break down the taboo surrounding it. Vivian helps people understand and prevent depression where possible, and educate communities on socially inclusive attitudes that help support those suffering and in despair.



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