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5 ways to make money while solving real problems

5 ways to make money while solving real problems


Someone once described revenue generated through problems solved as picking easy gold from a golden floor. It is possible to make decent revenue from a solution that solve actual problems.

By aiming for real problems, you already eliminate the stress of finding the right market for it because there is already a need for that solution. Rather your focus would be on pricing that solution right so that those who need it will be able to buy it.

If you pay close attention to your surrounding there are lots of opportunities disguising as problems, especially if you are able to look beyond the actual problem.

In this article, we will identify common problems that you can create a solution to and make money while doing it. Some of these problems might already have a working solution, however you can look closely at each, tailor a solution to a specific group or create a better solution than the existing ones.



Surprising as it might seem, hunger remains one of the major problems in the world, not just in Africa alone. There are a lot of poor and homeless people on the street who have no access to good food. The irony is that food is often wasted even in communities where there is food shortage. You can think of ways to preserve food, reduce food wastage and increase food circulation and production.


Waste management

Waste is a part of the human life. Waste management is actually another major global issue. We hear stories of countries like USA and Canada shipping their wastes to other countries to help them manage it. You can think of ways to recycle or upcycle waste. We spoke with a Nigerian, David Adeyemi, who shared a deep insight about how his company, Ecogenic Solutions, turns wastes into eco-friendly products  Read it here >>> ECOGENIC SOLUTIONS is Pioneering Recycling of Kitchen Wastes in Nigerian Homes and Converting it to Eco-friendly Products AND MEET David Adeyemi, the founder of ECOGENIC SOLUTIONS, the Pioneer Recycler of Kitchen Wastes in Nigeria



It is possible to educate poor people and still make profit from it.  There are schools in Kenya and Ghana that run low cost schools for children of low income earners. There is a huge market for this major problem in Africa.



This remains a major problem in developing countries, especially countries in Africa where a very low population have access to constant electricity to support their daily basic needs. That’s why it is not surprising that solutions like power banks, inverters, solar power systems are thriving in Africa. There are more natural ways to generate electricity and make good revenue. And Africa is abundantly endowed with such natural sources.



This is also another major global problem that needs solutions that won’t endanger the lives of humans (carbon emissions that depletes the ozone layer). Humans are in need of safe and affordable ways to move around the world, more specifically around their immediate community. Traffic is one of the major side problems of transportation as well as accidents, that you can possibly create a solution to.






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