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5 Founders Share 5 Advice They Would Give Their Teenage Self



  1. Chiamaka Ogochukwu IkpezeMR [PT], founder and Director of Titan physiotherapy.


  • Smile more
  • You are enough
  • Stop being so serious, life is hard enough without you making it harder.
  • People eventually grow up just forgive
  • Your 20s will be awesome and the awkward phase eventually passes.


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  1. Omajuwa Alli, founder of The Pearl Academy Nigeria


  • The world would never accept you till you accept yourself
  • There is no such thing as I CANNOT
  • There is no such thing as wild dreams, you can achieve anything you want
  • You are deserving of all the love life has to offer
  • You are so much more than your experiences, don’t let them change you.


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  1. Banke Akinsulola, CEO and Head Planner at BankySu Events


  • Start early. This can never be over emphasized.
  • Be very involved in entrepreneurship and self-development.
  • Never under estimate the power of saving, investing and reinvesting.


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  1. Esther Omikunle, founder of Life’s Beacon Initiative


  • You can be all that you want to be, you only have to believe it and work hard and smart towards achieving your dreams
  • Do not allow society define what you can/should do or not do
  • Learn to interact more with people and build a strong network of the right set of people
  • Read more of inspirational books than fictional novels
  • You are beautiful the way you are, do not let anyone pressure you into being what you are not

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  1. David Adeyemi, is the founder of EcoGenic Solutions, the Pioneer Recycler of Kitchen Wastes in Nigeria


  • Believe in yourself and not the opinions of others,
  • failure is when you refuse to take a step towards actualizing your dreams,
  • You are not too young to change the world.


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