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4 Ways to Drive Change in your PPA as a Corps Member (NYSC)

4 Ways to Drive Change in your PPA as a Corps Member (NYSC)

The call to serve in Nigeria, as a Corps Member, is always met with mixed feelings, especially when posted to the northern region of Nigeria (as a result of insurgencies in some parts of the north, as well as very biased media that keeps painting the north as a danger zone).

We strongly believe that anyone can be an instrument of change. Rather than see your service year as a youth corp member as punishment, see it as an opportunity to drive change in your Primary Place of Assignment (PPA).

Educate young people about climate change
Climate change is not really something that people in countries that are still developing talk about a lot. Even though there are other aspects of development in such countries that might be worrisome, climate change is something that affects every living thing.

What do you think will happen to the world when there is not enough oxygen to go round every human? What will happen if there are not more natural sources of oxygen? These are just one of the main issues of climate change and the drastic devastating changes it can cause in the ecosystem.

As a Corps member, you can learn about how we as humans contribute to climate change issues and educate people about it. You can also encourage tree planting activities in schools, public places and home.

Setup a mobile library and a book club
Reader are leaders. People can be empowered to drive change when they have some knowledge about some important issues in their community. Encourage young people to read by creating book clubs were they get to meet weekly to talk about books they have read during the week.

If you have books, create a mobile library where they can easily loan books from you anytime. You can solicit for book donations (used or new books) to add to your collection and make the mobile library richer.

Encourage community development projects
We’ve seen so many young Nigerian Corps members doing impressive community development projects that either directly affects members of the community or indirectly impacts them at the longer run.

It should be your goal to never leave a place the same way you met it. You can team up with your fellow corps members or do a personal community development project.

Find a problem in that community and do something about it. That’s how to drive the change we all want to see in Nigeria.

Encourage local businesses and innovations
If you find locals in a community with good products that are marketable, even beyond the shores of Nigeria, find ways to help these businesses grow.

Be on the look out for young innovative locals and find ways to get them to platforms where their innovations can be developed to a standard where it can be used mainstream.

You can decide to create a platform, by solicit funds and support, that will help sub businesses and innovations thrive even after you have left that community.

These are just a few of the things you can do in your Primary Place of Assignment (PPA).
Are you a Corps Member (NYSC) in Nigeria? Share your Change Experience with us! (Send us an email).


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