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3 FOUNDERS Give Their Top 5 Advice



We asked Founders what their top 5 advice would be if they were to meet their Teenage Self again.

And they had this to say:


Omozino Eguh, the founder of Yudimy App



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  1. Don’t be afraid to ask WHY
  2. Ask stupid questions that the only way you would learn something new
  3. Spend time meditating and introspecting, outer radiance begins with inner peace.
  4. How you view yourself is everything and that’s more important.
  5. Life is a journey enjoy every phase




Temitope Olusola, the founder of Hands On Clay Foundation


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  1. Trust your process and don’t compare yourself to anyone else
  2. Take your Maths and French seriously.
  3. Save your money
  4. Never underestimate yourself.
  5. Believe in yourself and Trust God.



Abraham Owoseni, Founder of Young Breeds


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  1. My education must directly and indirectly influence my lifework: professionally, vocationally & entrepreneurially.
  2. There’s more to you; discover more about yourself, and yes now! I can be a 360º teen
  3. Explore more; don’t get caged in. Break your fear, timidity helps no one
  4. I can travel to various parts of the world through enormous investment in personal development books; and this, has no limit
  5. Keep a journal of every positive moment and never lose it. Be deliberate about it





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