HOW The 13th Set of Covenant University Raised Over 3 Million Naira Worth Of Books To Promote Quality Education In Rural Parts Of Nigeria | #The13thSet

HOW The 13th Set of Covenant University Raised Over 3 Million Naira Worth Of Books To Promote Quality Education In Rural Parts Of Nigeria | #The13thSet


Covenant University graduating class of 2018 (also known as REGAL SET and The 13th Set) initiated a project called BOOK-DRIVE in a bid to raise text books for underprivileged kids in rural areas across Nigeria in support of the UN SDG4 of (Quality Education). spoke with a representative of the set on this inspiring community project that got everyone talking and thinking…


CFS: What inspired this project?

REGAL SET REP: Initially the objective was to get the members of the graduating class to bring back their gently-used books from secondary school which we realized was no more of use to them, so we could reach out to few schools within our immediate community.

However, the goal became more ambitious and specific as the project progressed. We noticed the important need of books as very vital tool in pursuing quality education and a lot of persons are in possession of their used books just stored in their homes.

We realized that the target group goes beyond our immediate community and there is a lot more we could do. It became a campaign to raise one million books across Nigeria and this was how we planned to achieve it.

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CFS: How did the set mobilize resources needed and people?

REGAL SET REP: We began to set up state teams amongst our members and drop off locations in these various states. Through publicity on social media, we were able to get persons beyond the set donate their books from several locations across the set up states.

We had big schools like Faith Academy donate books to us. We had gathered over 6,000 new and gentle used books worth over 3 Million Naira in Covenant University alone as at April, 2018 and by May, we already started distributing to schools we visited on several outreach.

We had June and July holidays before the convocation. This gave the members of the class opportunity to kick off their outreaches at their various states. 15 states were successfully set up and the 15 states completed several outreaches as at July 6 with some states going on more than 4 outreaches and 10 schools.

During these outreaches, not only did we distribute these books, we had time to engage the children in meaning conversations that would inspire them to greatness. We made presentations to them and tried to gear up their dreams.


CFS: How did the set get every graduating student to participate and what other support did the set get to achieve the goal of the project?

REGAL SET REP: The goal of the Regal set was to get everyone to participate and we did get almost everyone to participate at one point or the other, either during publicity, sourcing for books, sorting of the books, or whenever there was an outreach.


We basically had the Covenant University’s Management Approval and support and encouragement and as mentioned earlier, some Schools who supported by donating books from their book stores. The volunteers at some point donated financially to make sure we achieved the goal.


It was indeed inspiring to watch an entire set, having had the opportunity to school in one of the best universities in Nigeria, give back to their community by promoting quality education. We hope to see more of such from other universities across Nigeria! Take a look at some of the commendations the set got…



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