10 Inspiring Social Innovations That Will Positively Change West Africa

10 Inspiring Social Innovations That Will Positively Change West Africa

10 Inspiring Social Innovations That Will Positively Change West Africa


We live in a time where collective effort in driving social changes is paramount to actualizing the kind of environment we all envision.

Considering that most countries in Africa are yet to be fully developed, compared to most European countries, driving creative social innovations that will help solve some of the problems in Africa, particularly West Africa, is the way forward for these countries to advance towards full development.

These are some of the social innovations that we believe will positively change West Africa now and in the future (which is closer than you think)…



  1. Rise Networks

Rise Networks is a leading Social Enterprise in Africa that focuses on using Technology & Innovation to create access to education and learning opportunities for the inclusive growth of Young People with the core objective of preparing them for Value Based Leadership at all levels. The organization birthed PassNowNow.com a social based learning community providing easy access to simplified, text based curriculum cum syllabus based education content, standardized tests and exam review questions via web and mobile FREE for millions of underserved high School Students. The organization also hosts an annual youth forum, a large gathering of young people for Empowerment Programs at different locations in Nigeria.


  1. Red Media Africa

Red Media Africa (simply known as RED) is a full service media-content, communication and development company. Having successfully managed the campaign communication for two consecutive Nigerian Presidents, Red Media Africa also created Nigeria’s biggest youth event known as The Future Nigeria Awards held annually to recognize youths in Nigeria that deserves some accolades. RED’s brands also include Y! Africa and the popular YNaija.com.


  1. Street 2 School Initiative

Resource Sharing Network morphed into what is today known as Street 2 School Initiative.  As a non-profit, youth-led organization, Street 2 School Initiative that supports education programs of the disadvantaged young people and women on the streets, slums and rural communities. The initiative rekindles the hope of the future of street kids by sponsoring street kids to school. Street 2 school initiative also mentors and empower young people and women in rural communities.


  1. Meet rabbi

Meet rabbi is an online knowledge sharing and value exchange platform that matches expert mentors to students, professionals, startups and businesses across different areas of interest. With the intuitive algorithm on the platform and the user will  be matched with the most relevant mentors or mentees.


  1. The African Leadership Group

African Leadership Group (AL Group) is an ecosystem of institutions aiming to transform Africa by developing and connecting a new generation of ethical, entrepreneurial leaders. One of such AL Group institution is the African Leadership Academy a world-class tertiary institution offering undergraduate programs that will develop the future leaders of Africa. Another is the African Leadership Network a premier invitation-only community of the most dynamic and influential leaders in Africa.


  1. Slum2School Africa

Slum2School Africa is a volunteer driven social development organization operating in Africa. The organization aims to transform the society by empowering disadvantaged children in slums. Educational scholarships, health support and other psycho-social support are provided to such children. The organization has provided educational scholarships and support to 650 disadvantaged children from various slums and remote communities. With the Scholarship Programs, Slum2School Africa selects children, who are vulnerable and from disadvantaged families, puts them on a scholarship, enrolls them into schools as well as provide all educational supply materials. Also, with the Rural School Project, Slum2School Africa offers free and quality education to Orphans and Vulnerable Children in poor communities that lack a standard government or private school.


  1. Genni Games

Genii Games provides fun and engaging African culturally themed content for kids

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  1. Susty Vibes

Susty Vibes focuses on sustainability and development initiatives in Africa by helping people across various age groups participate in sustainable development such as climate action wild life conservation, ecotourism, and biodiversity, renewable energy, recycling and so much more! With #StareDownOnPollution Campaign Susty Vibes preaches the negative effect of pollution in our communities and highlight solutions to curb such. Also, with #HerDreamSAreValid Campaign the initiative helps crowdfund through social media, women who have ideas that directly promote sustainable development.


  1. Co-Creation Hub

Co-Creation Hub also known as CcHUB offers a physical space for growth and pre-incubation support for early stage creative social tech ventures to develop into sustainable enterprises through training, mentorship, and access to funds with the aim of improving social issues such as governance, education, water management, and security.


  1. Andela

Andela recruits the most talented and young developers on the African continent, shape them into technical leaders, and place them as full-time distributed team members with companies that range from Microsoft and IBM to dozens of high-growth startups. With Andela developers are able to self fund their education through their work. Andela also takes special interest in driving change for women in technology by mentoring young women in tech, and ensuring a safe, secure, and fair work environment.


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